Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Are your landlords properties ready for the new UK smoke alarm law ?

Figures released in 2012 showed that people are four times more likely to die in a fire where there is no smoke alarm or where an alarm is fitted but not working.
Under the Private Rented Sector Code, there is already a requirement for rental property to have both smoke alarms and CO alarms fitted. However, from October 1 this year, this requirement is expected to become law.
At the beginning of every new tenancy (renewals are not affected), landlords will be responsible for ensuring a working smoke alarm is fitted on every level of a rental property. In addition, a fully operational CO alarm must be fitted in every room containing a solid fuel burning appliance – ie, a room which contains an open fire. solid-fuel cooker or room heater, multi-fuel stove/fire or gravity feed boiler. 
Tenants will have obligations too. After October, and once a tenanted property is fully compliant, the responsibility for regularly checking both alarms are in full working order and for changing batteries may well lie with the tenant, depending on the terms of their contract. 
While the growing legislation in the rental sector is good news in terms of raising the quality of accommodation on offer, its increasing complexity can make it difficult for landlords to keep track of changes  If a property is managed by an agent , checks will be made on a landlord's behalf. For non-managed properties, however, the responsibility will remain with the landlord. Failure to comply with the new law could result in a civil penalty fine of up to £5,000.  

Due to this new legislation DAS are now offering Carbon monoxide + smoke alarm home safety packs please contact DAS on 01189420642 for details